Welcome to the Wonderful World of Copper Products

What are the benefits of copper? This is a broad question but important because it involves all of us. The benefits of copper depends on how we use it. The reason being is because there are a variety of ways copper provides us with benefits. We use copper not only in our homes, cars, businesses, but we also use it for our health. In general, this is why using copper products has its benefits.


Why & how do we use copper in our homes? The primary reason we use copper in our homes is for electricity.

How copper provides us with electricity throughout our home is by using copper wire. The benefit of using copper wire is that it’s an excellent conductor of electricity. This means that copper wire can carry electrical current at the highest capacity compared to any other material.

Other benefits along with conduction is the fact that copper wire is flexible. We can bend it any way we want without the wire breaking. The other benefit is its ability to withstand high heat which prevents it from melting. For this reason we can be sure that a fire is unlikely to start when using copper wire in the home.

This is just one reason copper is used in homes but there are other reasons such as copper pipes for plumbing & Copper Kitchen Sinks.

Our cars use of copper has its benefits. Our vehicles perform at a higher rate of efficiency.

copper color car voltswagon beetle special editionThe amount of copper used depends on the make and model of the car. In what ways do cars use copper for our benefit? Cars use copper wire to transfer power to various driving controls for our cars to function properly.

Another benefit is the use of copper in the braking system. The brake lines contain copper making our ability to slow or stop the car much easier.

The vehicle electronics have copper which help to relay information from one sensor to another.  Copper cables allow for the sensors to activate controls to avoid potential hazards. These are some of the ways copper is used to help us stay safe & secure when driving our vehicles.


How do our businesses benefit from the use of copper? Several industries take advantage of this versatile element. The main uses involve electrical & construction.

The electrical field makes for the highest percent of copper use. Power lines, transformers, & electronic devices utilize copper. The fact that copper is a super conductor of electricity is a huge plus for businesses.  

We are able to use copper indoors or outdoors without worrying about deterioration due to harsh weather conditions or other factors such as break downs. This is one reason electricians favor using copper because it’s extremely durable.

Why is copper important for the construction industry? The fact that copper is non corrosive makes it ideal for buildings & structures. As copper ages with time it develops a protective barrier on the outside.

This colorful surface layer is known as “patina.”  This is normal because what appears to be corrosion it’s not. The formation of patina provides copper a layer of protection preventing corrosion. The Statue of Liberty was built from copper.

statue of liberty copper patina green

The formation of patina has developed over time giving it that natural greenish tint. The durability of copper makes for a happy marriage when it comes to construction in the business world.


Is copper beneficial to our health? Yes, definitely! Medical research shows how copper is important for our well being & the fact that food is the key ingredient. Other copper products such as bracelets & compressions are used for external ailments.

How do we incorporate copper as part of our nutrition? Copper is an essential mineral needed to maintain body health. We get copper into our system from foods like potatoes, nuts, green vegetables, shellfish, & chocolate. These are some of the copper rich foods containing the essential mineral which provide us with the proper daily intake.

copper rich foodsBesides food, we’re able to consume copper through mineral supplements. Take time to do the research & talk with a doctor prior to starting a supplement regiment. Why is copper necessary for our health? There are several reasons why copper is vital to our survival. They include growth. Why growth? It provides our organs, tissues, & red blood cells with ample oxygen to grow properly.  

Another is brain function. This element stimulates our brain which allows for more creative thinking.

We need copper for energy.  How is this? The mineral allows for energy production & storage to get us through the day.

Copper is ideal for the immune system giving our bodies the ability to heal faster.  Along with improving our immunity, it slows down aging. In what way?  It works like soldiers (antioxidants) protecting our organs & fighting off free radicals.

Products such as Copper Bracelets are known to help with joint pain & arthritis. It acts like an anti inflammatory decreasing arthritis symptoms.

These are some of the ways copper can benefit us in living a healthier life. The general recommended daily amount of copper consumption depends on age & gender. We only need a trace or about 1.2 mg to 1.4 mg per day. A doctor can recommend the exact amount of copper intake we need on a daily basis.

Copper Recycling

Can copper be recycled? Yes, most definitely! The fact that copper is recyclable has its benefits.

We can reuse copper for our homes, businesses, cars, & health. Rather than disposing it only to end up in landfills we can make the best use of the this precious metal when we reduce, reuse, & recycle!

Are your copper sinks made from recycled or pure copper? The important thing to remember is the fact that  the material makeup of copper cannot be changed whether it’s mined or recycled. This metal is an element with the atomic number 29 with the symbol Cu.

When it comes to a copper sink or any copper product – the material makeup is still the same. The only difference for example is a copper kitchen sink was made from recycle copper & the other copper sink was made from mined copper. The purity makeup of the is still the same.  Click Here… To learn more about Copper Products.