Bullion Bar – Affordable 1 Pound .999 Fine Copper Bullion Bar Equals Priceless Smart Investment

A 1 Pound Copper Bullion Bar… For Smart Investing!

Are you familiar with Copper Bullion?  If you’re not familiar then this article will provide you with some in-sight.  Even though, copper is not always visible… It’s always there & all around us.

What does this have to do with copper bullion?  Well, for one thing.  Copper is one of the most in-demand precious metals despite its lack of visibility.  At the same time, copper prices have gradually increased.  The copper demand plus the price increase creates a favorable copper bullion market for investors.  This opens up the opportunity to invest.  This product listing offers a perfect opportunity.  Bullion Bar – Affordable 1 Pound .999 Fine Copper Bullion Bar Equals Priceless Smart Investment.

Product Information

Product: 1 Pound .999 Fine Copper Bullion Bar

  • Bar designs may vary slightly
  • Full 16 Ounces of Fine Copper – 1 pound
  • Real nice & shiny
  • Makes a great conversation piece
  • Note: Copper is a soft metal & all bars will have some minor scratches. (None of the bars are perfect)

Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Product Description

One pound of .99% pure copper. A great investment

How Does it Rank?

The 1 Pound .999 Fine Copper Bullion Bar ranks above average in comparison to others.  The rank at the time of this posting was 4.5 out of 5 stars.

What do customers think about the copper bullion bar?  Majority are pleased with the quality of the product & consider it unique.

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Final Word – Why Copper Owners & Investors Value Copper Bullion

As you can see, when it comes to owning a copper bullion bar… It’s no surprise why owners value it.  Not only does it makes a great gift but it holds its value.  It’s extremely reasonable compared to other precious metals.  Collectors & investors love it knowing they can invest with confidence & it’s priced within their budget.

Did you find this review helpful?  Thank you for your time & interest.

Copper round and bars

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Comments 12

  • This was very interesting. I don’t know much about copper other than as wiring and cookware. You did a great job explaining this. But that claw foot bathtub on the home page…just glad my wife didn’t see it…

  • With the advent of Tesla launching an electric car into space, and the fact the electric motors require copper, I can see copper becoming increasingly more valuable of a resource. Looking forward to picking up some copper bars.

  • I’ve never understood buying bars of copper as an investment. What do you do with them? They aren’t that liquid and you have to store them somewhere.

    • This is why I wrote this article to give people a better understanding when it comes to copper bullion as a smart investment.

      Copper is predicted to surpass the value of silver within the near future. Copper has gone up in value year after year more so than silver. The difference in percentage increase is significant between the two. Those who realize & are aware will consider copper bullion a smart investment from an investor stand point not worrying about storage.

      Thank you for your comment.

  • This is amazing, I never heard about anyone investing in copper. It makes sense now I have read your post, and I am considering going into it myself now.
    I like the affordability. Do you think the price will increase much over the next 10 years say?

  • Thanks for this information. I use to pick up copper & brass and take them to the metal exchange where I live. These two metals are always paying up pretty high. So it makes sense to invest in it. And I have seen the prices go up many times. It does vary often though so I think it would be wise to keep an eye on it as well.

    • The value of copper is predicted to increase for the next 10 years. It’s definitely a great time to invest in copper especially while the prices remain low.

      Yes! You’re right. It’s important to watch what you invest so that you don’t lose your gains. Keep in mind when investing in copper your always going to have ups & downs but along with this fluctuation comes a steady increase for the next 10 years. This is what’s going to make Fine Copper Bullion a smart investment.

  • Well I learnt something today. I didn’t know copper bullion bars were a thing. I’ll head across to your others pages as I’m interested to know where it can be purchased from, and what it’s worth. How would people typically store their copper bullion? And how would you trade it if you wanted to sell?
    Thanks in advance.

    • The value of copper bullion is predicted to increase consistently within the next 10 years. It’s also expected to surpass the value of silver. I would highly recommend anyone to stock up.

      You can store copper bullion in a safe. You can also trade for something else you like or if you wish you can resell it when the price is right. Make sure to sell high & buy low. Copper bullion is definitely a great investment.

      Thank you for your comment & happy investing.

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