Copper Cleaner Homemade – Ingredients

How to Make Homemade Copper Cleaner

Do you know how to make Copper Cleaner? It’s not as difficult as it sounds. It’s a simple recipe that works wonders on cleaning copper.  More about: Copper Cleaner Homemade – Ingredients.

There are various ways but were going to focus on the simplest method. Copper cleaner homemade requires certain ingredients which you use at home. The formula is as easy as mixing the products together. Are you ready to get started?

Step 1 – Gather the Ingredients

What ingredients do you need? There are three ingredients for this recipe.

  1. White Vinegar
  2. Salt
  3. White Flour

Once you have gathered all 3 home cooking ingredients – you’re ready to move on to the next step. Now it’s time to start mixing these products together. Are you ready? Lets get started.

Step 2- Mix the Ingredients

How easy does this sound? How it’s done.

The Directions:

Mix the white vinegar, salt, & white flour together in equal quantities of each product. Stir these together. This mixture will form into a paste.

Now you can substitute lemon juice instead of vinegar. Some people prefer lemon juice as oppose to vinegar simply for the smell of lemon. It’s matter of personal preference.

What do you think? That’s all there is to mixing the ingredients together. Are you ready to move on to the next step? Here we go.

Step 3 – Apply the Paste Onto to the Copper

Are you ready for the cleaning step?  It’s not that complicated. Apply the paste onto to the tarnished or oxidized copper. Once you apply the paste to the Copper then you just let it sit for 30 minutes. You’re basically letting the homemade cleaner to the work for you. How easy is this?

An important part of this step. Don’t let the cleaner sit on the copper for more than 30 minutes. The reason being that salt can be corrosive to copper if left on too long. You might want to set a timer or alarm clock to go off in 30 minutes so you don’t forget. Once the time is up then you’re ready to move onto the next step. Lets move ahead.

Step 4- Rinse the Copper Really Well

How long should you rinse? You want to make sure you take the time to rinse off the copper really well. The reason being that you don’t want any leftover paste to remain on the Copper Product. Washing with water & getting rid of the cleaner will avoid any stains to form down the line. Being careful & not rushing this step is key.

You will notice quite a difference after rinsing. Your copper looks brand new after you’re done with this step. Any tarnish or oxidation is no longer visible leaving a beautiful looking piece of copper. How simple is this? As you can see this is not difficult at all. There is just one more step. Are you ready to make it a clean finish?

Final Step – Dry & Buff Copper

Is this the final step? Yes, the is the last step. Once the copper has been rinsed thoroughly then you’re ready to dry. Make sure to dry off all the water to prevent any water spots. Use a soft cloth to dry the copper.

After thoroughly drying then simply buff the copper to bring out the shine. You’re copper will look brand new making it an attractive focal point. That’s it – you’re done. Way to go!

An Alternative Copper Cleaner

Take a look at this? If you prefer not to make your own homemade cleaner then you can clean your copper with an already made cleaner. This product eliminates the step of having to make your own cleaner.

This cleaner has excellent customer reviews & highly recommended. If you own copper & want to bring it back to life then you will find this product quite valuable. It removes tarnish & stains from your copper as well as brass products.

Final Remark

Thank you for your interest.  Please post any questions or comments below for a follow up response.


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  • Hey there! I just ordered a copper sink and my mom is asking me to search a cleaner for a copper sink. She wants homemade ingredients but I prefer buying something online. I read your article and I found it very informative and helpful. This is really easy copper cleaner and we have the ingredients inside our house. Thank you for sharing this information.

    • You’re very welcome! Congratulations on buying a copper sink. You will enjoy it for years to come plus u made a wise investment.

      As far as the copper cleaner – you can use the homemade version or buy the Twinkle Brass & Copper Cleaning Kit from Amazon. Either cleaner works great!

      Glad you found this information helpful. Anytime you have a question please leave your comment below & I be happy to help.

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