Copper Kitchen Sink

Premier Copper Kitchen Sink

What makes a copper kitchen sink a premier product? A Copper Kitchen Sink has special characteristics unlike any other sink. The handmade craftsmanship, strength of copper material, & design offers authentic beauty, quality & functionality. An advantage of copper sinks is the antibacterial properties kill 99.9% of surface bacteria.

What types of copper kitchen sinks are available?  The two types are Traditional & Apron. Both are equally popular but vary in design, style, & size.

Traditional Copper Kitchen Sink

What makes a Traditional Copper Sink unique? These types of sinks are designed to fit the counter top space evenly without overhanging the cabinet. This is one reason Traditional Copper Sinks are sometimes referred to as “Undermount Kitchen Sinks.”


The gauge of copper used for manufacturing varies in thickness from 14 to 18 gauge. The lower the number the thicker the copper. These sinks come in various styles & sizes. The styles include single, double & triple basin.

The sizes vary as well but generally Traditional Copper Sinks are smaller unless customized to a specific size. When it comes to selecting a copper sink it all comes down to personal preference in design, style, & size. An important feature of Traditional or Under mount Copper Sinks is not only the artistic beauty but the fact that it will outlast any porcelain or steel sink.

Apron Copper Kitchen Sink

An Apron Copper Sink is also known as a “Farmhouse Sink.” What does this mean? The name refers to the design. The front part of this copper sink is made to hang past the counter top. Besides overhanging the front part of the cabinet by a couple inches, this copper sink is designed with a considerably deeper bowl. The deeper basin provides more space for easier cleaning. The styles consist of single, double, or triple basin.

Another feature of the Apron Copper Kitchen Sink contains a heavier gauge copper. The thickness range for standard copper kitchen sinks is 14 to 18 gauge. The lower the number the heavier the gauge. Farmhouse Copper Sinks are normally made with 14 or 16 gauge copper. What style is preferred? Some people like the single deep basin for convenience reasons & others like the double deep basin for appearance reasons. Some people prefer a triple deep basin.

The size of a Farmhouse Sink is larger & heavier. There is no one size fits all. Customization is typical to fit specific size kitchen requirements. The pride of owning an Apron or Farmhouse Sink is not only the life span it provides to any gourmet kitchen but the artistic beauty & investment value it adds to any home or restaurant.

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  • Hey there! My mom wants to replace the kitchen sink of the house. She wanted to be more stylish and unusual compare to other sinks. Luckily I found your article about copper kitchen sink. This looks awesome and looks like a vintage sink. I’m going to suggest this to my mom and hope that she like it. Thank you for sharing this information.

    • You’re very welcome! The copper kitchen sinks are really stylish & very popular. Thank you for your compliments & for the referrals.

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