Copper Kitchen Sink – A Real Smart Purchase Decision

Why Buy A Copper Kitchen Sink

Why is purchasing a Copper Kitchen Sink a really smart decision? Lets find out the answer to this important question. 

A copper kitchen sink – a real smart purchase decision. The primary reasons are investment value, product durability, & antibacterial properties. Other reasons include beauty & character. Does your kitchen already have a copper sink? Tell us about your experience in the comment section.

Investment Value

Investment value & a copper sink – really? Believe it or not, a copper sink increases the value of a home or restaurant. Not only does it add value in the kitchen but the overall property value increases.

Purchasing a copper sink plays a role when selling the property. How so? A kitchen with a copper sink attracts more buyers making the property easier to sell. Where in the home do you spend most of your time? Surprisingly, the majority of people spent more time in the kitchen. Can you see the significance  of installing a copper kitchen sink? The investment adds real overall value.

Copper Durability

What makes a copper kitchen sink extremely durable? The material makeup of copper metal makes it virtually indestructible. It can withstand various elements like cold, heat, & pressure. That’s why products like copper kitchen sinks generally last a lifetime.

What else makes copper durable? The metal is highly resistant to rust or corrosion when compared with other metals. Would you purchase a copper kitchen sink for this reason? The durability of copper definitely provides longevity for copper kitchen sinks. Is durability important to you when it comes to purchasing a kitchen sink?  Either way, leave us your comment below about this topic.

Copper Sinks Antibacterial Properties

Are copper sinks really antibacterial? Watch the video below to get a live demonstration on what actually happens.  Are you thinking what I’m thinking? This sounds too good to be true! In fact,clinical tests have proven this to be true. You see – copper contains microbial properties destroying 99.99% of germs. This includes flu viruses, E.coli, & fungi to name a few. Are other types of sinks microbial? Stainless steel, porcelain, & ceramic sinks lack germ killing abilities. Watch the video below to see the live comparison.

As you can see from the video – you may find it helpful next time you go shopping for a kitchen sink. You can choose a copper sink with a coated surface. This layer of polish provides color consistency. Unfortunately, the anti-microbial properties don’t work with a finished sink.

Do you prefer to have the health benefits of copper germ killing bacteria? If you do then purchase an unpolished copper kitchen sink. The raw copper does darken with age due to a protective layer known as patina. Post your comment below on coppers Antibacterial Properties.

Final Thought – Best Copper Kitchen Sinks For a Smart Purchase! 

Why purchase a copper kitchen sink? After all, there are other options like stainless steel, porcelain, and ceramic. Maybe you already know what type of sink you want. If not, at least you have a better idea about copper kitchen sinks & the reasons why copper maybe the right type of sink for your kitchen.

How important is investment value, product durability, & antibacterial properties when searching for a sink? If none of these matter, then any type of sink will due. If the need requires all, then Copper Kitchen Sinks offers all three qualities for a smart purchase decision.

What Do You Think?

Please post any questions or comments below.  A response will follow as quickly as possible.  Thank you!


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  • Great information in this review. I don’t think I have ever seen a copper kitchen sink but I really find the look appealing. Your information regarding the fact that copper does not corrode or rust in intriguing.
    I really am impressed by copper’s ability to resist germs. I think that copper must be the best material for constructing a kitchen sink. Why didn’t I think of that?

    • Thank you Dave for your comment. You’re right – copper sinks have a real eye catching appeal & much more.. Copper sinks offer qualities that other sinks lack. No other sinks provide antibacterial properties besides copper.

      Thank you so much for your feedback & hope you have a wonderful day!

  • Really nice information on copper, copper products and how it is used, I never really sat and thought about it, but it’s true we do use a lot of copper. Is there a way to use copper in place of some of the heavier metals like cast iron or stainless steel?? I’ll be looking for copper now that I know that we actually use it just about everywhere.

    • You’re right James – we do take copper for granted. Unless we work with it on a daily basis – we don’t really know it’s there.

      You ask an excellent question on whether copper can be used in place of heavier metals like cast iron or stainless steel. I don’t know about using copper in place of cast iron. It would probably depend on the project requirements where copper could be used in place of cast iron. Maybe someone can comment on this. Using copper in place of stainless steel is more realistic. Hospitals is one area where copper can be used in place of stainless steel. But why don’t hospitals use it? It would be healthier for everyone due to the antibacterial benefits of copper. I’m actually surprised more places don’t use place of stainless steel. Maybe someone else can add to this discussion.

      Thank you for your comment & your great question!

  • So beautiful ,
    And great review , seeing it from the picture so cool . i think one need to have something like this at home , thanks for this review.
    is it removable washable ?

  • Great post, on copper sinks, Daniel.

    Investment Value, Durability, and its Anti-Bacterial qualities are all excellent reasons for considering copper as a sink material.

    I also enjoyed the short video on the Anti-Bacterial qualities of copper.

    Are there many copper sinks being installed in North American homes nowadays?

    Can the patina be removed and if so does this affect the antibacterial qualities?

    Thanks. Paul

    • Yes. There are a lot of people installing copper sinks in North American homes. More people are utilizing the benefits of copper kitchen sinks.

      The patina is a constant when it comes to copper. The antibacterial qualities remain as long as the copper isn’t treated with a surface finish.

      Thank you Paul for your comment & your great questions! 

  • Very informative, I am Zambian and Zambia is one of the big producers of Copper but never knew the benefits of Copper until now, thanks to this article, well articulated. Enjoyed reading the article.

    • I didn’t realize Zambia produced that much copper. That’s fantastic.

      The benefits of using copper truly makes sense. Thank you so much for your comment!

  • I consider myself quite the handyman but had never even considered a copper sink. You picture of one blew my mind!
    The installation of one of these beautiful works of art would definitely step up the looks of a kitchen. I can see how one of these would increase the value of a home. I am going to look into one of these as I am getting ready to remodel my kitchen!

    • A lot of people are very pleased with the benefits of owning a copper sink. You’re right – a copper sink does increase the value of a home.

      Thank you Clyde for taking the time to comment & look forward to helping with any copper sink questions you may have. Have a wonderful day!

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