Copper Oven Hoods – Kitchen Range

Why Install A Copper Oven Hood?

Have you ever thought about installing a copper hood above your stove? A lot of people do & for good reason. Copper adds multiple characteristics to any kitchen. From beauty, design, rustic appearance, durability & ventilation as well as the antibacterial properties associated with copper products.

Copper Oven Hoods – Kitchen Range come in various styles & designs.  Is your kitchen an old style or modern style kitchen? You will be happy to know that copper offers a variety of copper kitchen hoods to fit any style kitchen.  Have you ever purchased a copper oven hood?  Let others know by leaving a comment below on what you think about your copper oven hood.

Your Kitchen With Copper Characteristics

Do you know why your kitchen is the best place for copper? Most of us spend more time in the kitchen than any other room. The characteristics of copper make any kitchen look outstanding! One of these perfect additions is a copper oven hood.

What are the characteristics to adding copper to your kitchen? Copper metal has several making your kitchen the center of attention.  These unique features make copper oven hoods a wise investment for any kitchen.

Patina – A copper oven hood adds stunning beauty via the patina affect. This characteristic makes copper ideal for your kitchen. You maybe asking – What is Patina? It is a living finish. Copper unlike any other metal develops a color change otherwise known as Patina.  As the copper ages with time it may take on a varying rustic like appearance adding a beautiful aesthetic look. This change is normal which many people find extremely attractive for a contemporary or country style kitchen.

Design – This characteristic makes copper a must have in your kitchen.  Have you ever been to a friends house where the kitchen consisted of several copper products. Were you intrigued & found yourself in awe with the design of your friends kitchen? The fact that Copper Oven Hoods come in various sizes & colors makes the design of any kitchen simply stunning. Is the design of your kitchen important to you & would you consider copper as part of the design? Let us know what you think by posting your comments below.

Durability – Copper is extremely durable compared to any other metal. How does copper compare to stainless steel when it comes to durability.  Copper is a much stronger metal than stainless steel. The reason being that copper doesn’t rust or corrode unlike stainless steel.  For this reason copper has several uses in homes, businesses, & automobiles. One of these products happens to be copper oven hoods installed in homes & restaurant kitchens. Do you prefer copper or stainless steel when it comes to your kitchen & why? Let others know what you think either way by posting your comments below.

Antibacterial – This one of those characteristics unique to copper.  No other metal contains antibacterial properties. The microbial ability of Copper Kills 99.99% of Bacteria. It’s a rather complex process by which this happens.  For a thorough scientific explanation click on: How does it work?  Does having an Antibacterial Copper Product in your kitchen such as a Copper Oven Hood important to you & your family?  Share your feedback by posting your comment at the bottom.

What is The Latest Copper Trend?

The copper interior trend continues to grow. People are realizing the benefits copper has to offer such as character which is pleasing to the eye. Interior design has incorporated copper into homes especially in the kitchen. The aesthetics of copper adds attractive qualities to any place in the home.

Are Copper Oven Hoods trending right now?  You may find this article helpful & interesting on: Trending Now: Copper.  A well-vented hood is must have for any kitchen in order to function well for ideal cooking. This important kitchen ventilation makes for an attractive focal point in many homes.  Keeping up with the latest trend provides the latest style design you wish to have whether in your kitchen or anywhere else in your home.  You could use your copper products from years ago & mix with the latest copper products to maintain an old style look but yet create a modern design for a newer trend at the same time. For example installing a Copper Oven Hood is one way to update to the latest trend. One suggestion would be to combine a mixture of copper along with other metals to bring about a multi-facet theme within your kitchen. Some people choose to have an all copper theme which is totally a matter of personal preference. Do you prefer a kitchen design with an all copper theme, stainless steel theme, or a theme with a mixture of metals? Let others know what you think by posting your comment below.

The Different Types of Copper Range Hoods

Is installing a vent hood part of your kitchen remodeling project or perhaps looking to update? You will want to take into consideration the type of hood you need. You want to make sure you’re happy with your selection since there are several different types. Determine the size for your kitchen layout.  The type of material you want & the design you like.  Finally, keep in mind your personal style you want from your kitchen.  Selecting the best kitchen range hood that best meets your needs makes your remodeling & updating extremely rewarding!

When you determine a Copper Oven Hood is right for you then you can decide on which type you would like.  The fun part starts because now it’s time to select a specific type & style of kitchen hood you want.  There are three main types of copper oven hoods to select from.  Within these three types there a variety of styles to choose from. Which type best fits your kitchen needs?

Cabinet Under Mount Oven Hoods

Are you limited on space due to cabinets above your stove? There is a type of hood designed to meet this specific need.  This type of range hood is mounted underneath the cabinets that are located above your stove. The Cabinet Under Mount Hood provides efficient ventilation & is compact enough to fit between your cabinets & stove.  This type of installation is common for kitchens requiring a versatile ventilation system.

The Cabinet Under Mount Hood has dual options for setting up the duct work.  The first option utilizes space within the cabinet since the duct work is installed inside the cabinet & maybe vented out or recirculated. This will limit the amount of cabinet storage but at the same time you’re not taking up wall space.  If you prefer not to take away cabinet storage space then the second option is through an exterior wall by placing the duct work in the back of the hood.  This option takes up a small amount of wall space but it allows you to keep your storage space in your cabinet.   This type of Cabinet Under Mount Hood provides versatility along with superior ventilation to meet your kitchen needs.

Wall-Mount Kitchen Range Hoods

Would you like to improve your kitchen design?  A Wall-Mount Kitchen Range Hood will improve the look of your kitchen by providing an element of design.  How much of a design factor you want depends on the style of hood you select.  For this reason there are a variety of Wall-Mount Hoods that range in price but yet come with design features to add an element of distinction to any kitchen.

How is a Wall-Mount Hood installed?  This type of range hood is attached to the wall above your stove with the duct work venting out through the an exterior wall behind the hood or the air maybe recirculated through a filtration system.  The installation is similar to the Cabinet Under Mount Hood with the main difference being the lack of an overhead cabinet above the stove thus utilizing the open wall space for installation.   A lot of the modern kitchens are built without the overhead stove cabinet.  If your kitchen has an existing cabinet directly above  the stove then the removal of this cabinet is needed in order to get the popular design options that come with a Wall-Mount Range Hood.

Island or Ceiling Mount Hoods for a Kitchen Range

Is your stove located in the center of your kitchen?  The type of range hood available for this style kitchen is an Island or Ceiling Mount Range Hood.  There are a variety of styles to select from depending on the design theme you’re looking to establish.  Besides design, Island or Ceiling Mount Range Hoods provide maximum ventilation required to meet the increase output from high cooking demand for this modern style kitchen.

What about installation? An Island or Ceiling Mount Range Hood describes the approximate location of where this hood needs to be mounted.  The Island being the center above your stove with the hood attached to the ceiling with the duct work extending through to the roof exterior or through a recirculated process.  You may wish to adjust the height of the hood from the ceiling to the stove to meet your desired needs.  It’s best to seek out a professional contractor for this type of installation.  Once complete you will find a copper Island Mount Range Hood design to be the most functional investments you will make to turn your kitchen into the center of attention.

Final Remarks

Thank you for your interest.  Please post any questions or comments below for a follow up response.

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  • Hello Daniel,

    What an interesting post about cooper, i didn’t know that cooper can kill 99,9% of the micro bacteria! that’s amazing..

    I do feel that every kitchen now needs one of cooper as the main purpose is for ventilation for the kitchen, it also can be a good design in the kitchen without looking weird right

  • Hi Daniel, Great article.. I really like you explanations on how a Copper can bring the kitchen into a featured room. I like the first picture. A very well presented rustic looking kitchen space with the hood standing out and setting the mood.
    I’ve never seen an island or ceiling copper Hood before, only Stainless ones, and I’m sure it will set a kitchen design tone up nicely.
    I had a bit of a browse of your site. Some really nice Copper items you have there.
    Al the best John

    • Thank you John. I really appreciate your feedback. You’re absolutely right – Copper Oven Hoods truly add a beautiful rustic appearance to any kitchen design.

      Thank you so much for your comment & if you have any questions or suggestions while browsing please let us know. 

  • I have always liked the look of a copper oven hood. I wish I had one for sure. I did not know that copper can kill bacteria like that! That is enough right there to investigate one. They do appear to be a bit spendy for sure. Do you know if adding one would add value to the home? For resale purposes that is. I know some things you do, like upgrading windows do add value. This seems like it might help the value as well. That would make it an even better deal. One note, all of the pictures have broken links except the very last one. You might want to fix that 🙂

    • Along with the antibacterial properties, without a doubt installing a copper oven hood or any other premier copper product will increase your home value by 10 to 15%. Also, the durability of copper will outlast any other material plus it adds beauty & character. The overall benefits of copper makes for a wise investment especially when it comes to resale value.

      Thank you for your comment & look forward to answering any questions you may have. 

  • Wow, they look really pretty. I´ll keep that in mind. Great idea. Thanks.

    • Thank you for your comment. Copper Oven Hoods make a great addition to any kitchen.

      If you have any questions please feel free to ask or follow up with a comment.

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