Copper Sheets – Trending Antibacterial Benefits

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  • Hello, copper is such an interesting topic, have you heard that Chile is on of the biggest miners, producer and exporter of copper, they are way ahead of most countries when it comes to promoting the use of copper, they even promote it at the elementary school system for lice prevention and detection, they have this copper combs which are effective and durable, I have thought about buying some of this copper sheets especially for a Diy battery school project, but could not find local suppliers, which one do you recommend for home or school projects copper sheets?

    • Hello Tomas,

      You’re absolutely right!  Chile has one of the largest copper mines in the world & a huge exporter.

      For school projects this is a great Copper Supplier.

  • Hi, I love this website. Stumbled across it while looking for rustic décor ideas. The idea of using copper sheeting used as a backsplash is just what I was looking for. The “living look” of copper is perfect for what I want to create.
    P.S copper foil is great for stopping slugs eating your garden vegetables 🙂

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