How To Clean A Copper Sink – Simple Steps To Basic Care

How to Clean A Copper Sink With Tender Loving Care

Anybody who owns a Copper Kitchen Sink knows exactly what I’m talking about. When you treat it right it will love you back with ever lasting character & nostalgic beauty.


For those undecided, you maybe asking yourself this question. Is a copper sink right for me? It really depends on you whether you want to enjoy the Benefits copper has to offer.  The maintenance for copper kitchen sinks is quite simple. Non-copper sinks require more maintenance than a copper sink. Which would you rather have? Knowing & understanding “How to Clean a Copper Sink – Simple Steps to Basic Care” is key to enjoying the luxury benefits of a copper kitchen sink.

Getting Started – The First Step

Where is the best place to start? Do you prefer to have a finished or unfinished copper sink. What does this mean? This is a surface treatment applied by the manufacturer. What this coating does is it adds a  protective barrier.  Now some people like it & some people don’t because it does have its pluses & minuses.

A type of polish coating (finish) may be applied during manufacturing to protect & maintain a bright consistent color. This process does take away the antibacterial properties of copper until the finish wears off. In which case you may want to reapply a new coat of  finish or you may decide to leave it as is. Totally up-to-you.

Would you rather have an unfinished copper kitchen sink without the protective layer? The color or Patina develops over time. You will see these life like natural characteristics take place throughout the lifetime of your copper sink. You will also have the antibacterial benefits of untreated copper.  Do you prefer a sink that has a rustic appearance?  Choose a sink without the surface coating to get the patina effect.  Do you want less maintenance? Buy a copper kitchen sink without the finish.

Would you purchase a finished or unfinished copper kitchen sink?  This is the first step in determining which sink you prefer. Leave your comment below on whether you would buy a sink with a surface coating or one without. 


The Simple Steps On How To Clean A Copper Sink

How would you like to have a kitchen with a bright shiny copper sink that just draws people’s attention? You can & you will with this easy cleaning routine.  Use mild dish soap, soft sponge or cloth,  water, & a dry cloth.  Here are the simple step-by-step process on how to clean a copper kitchen sink.

Step 1Apply mild dish soap to damp soft sponge or cloth, wash sink, & rinse with water.

free gentle liquid dish soap

Step 2  Use dry cloth to buff dry. This step prevents water spots from mineral deposits.

Is that it? Yes, is that simple! Cleaning your copper sink regularly will make your kitchen the focal point everyone will envy. Do you have some cleaning suggestions you like to share? Leave them in the comments section below.

Focus On Basic Care For A Copper Kitchen Sink

Is basic care important when owning a copper kitchen sink? Most definitely! Knowing & understanding is the key.  Basic care applies to both unfinished (raw copper) or finished (polished copper)sinks.

Copper has a unique feature known as patina. It’s basically a protective layer that changes in color as the copper ages. The color adjusts over time giving copper a rustic but elegant appearance. A lot of people love this look so they buy a sink with an unprotected patina meaning it’s exposed to the elements. Others prefer a copper sink without changing color variations in which case the patina is covered up with a shiny surface lacquer. So what basic tips do you need to know?

Simple Basic Care Tips

Acidic Foods – Tomatoes, ketchup, citrus, soda, & oily foods can strip away the patina. 

Chemicals – Avoid using bleach, ammonia, lime, abrasive powder cleaners, & unclogging chemicals.

Scrubbing Pads – Avoid using steel wool, or harsh abrasive pads that will scratch the patina.

Dirty Dishes – Don’t let metal dishes & utensils sit in the sink as these items will leave an imprint.

Copper Wax – Apply a copper cleaner or wax to your copper kitchen sink for a bright shiny look.

Bottom Grid – Helps protect sinks finish from standing dishes & food.

What if something does happen? Don’t panic! Just relax because copper has a living finish called “patina” which is constantly forming & changing. Lets say you left a lemon peel in the sink overnight. The next day you see a discolored spot in your sink. Don’t worry your sink is not ruined. Within a couple days you see the spot starts to darken. This is the patina taking over. In a way, this type of sink without the lacquered surface is the easiest to maintain because the patina does the work for you.

The Final Step – Enjoy Your Copper Kitchen Sink

Knowing & understand the simple steps to cleaning & the basic care guidelines makes owning a copper kitchen sink worthwhile. Do you find copper kitchen sinks to be easy or difficult to care for? We be happy to hear how you feel about owning & caring for a copper kitchen sink. Write to us by posting your comments below.  

Is a Copper Kitchen Sink right for you?  Hopefully, this information will help you with this decision.

Final Remark



Thank you for your interest.  Please post any questions or comments below for a follow up response.

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  • It seems that it would be a beautiful thing to have in the kitchen. My worry is that you have to be extremely careful or you can ruin the surface pretty easy. If you do a lot of cooking in cleaning would that not be good for having a copper sink? Or is there a way to coat it sort of speaking?

    • You’re absolutely right – A copper sink is a beautiful thing to have in the kitchen. What’s even more impressive is the fact that copper has antibacterial properties which kills 99.9% of germs. This is something stainless steel & porcelain sinks lack. The surface of a copper sink has a protective layer known as patina which prevents the copper sink from being ruined regardless of how much cooking or cleaning you do. Some copper sinks are treated with a surface finish which provides additional protection but does eliminate the antibacterial benefits. Thank you for your great comment!

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