Invest In Coins – Affordable Copper To Gold And Silver

Is it Wise to Invest in Copper, Gold, & Silver Today?

The investing in copper compared to gold & silver can often be overlooked. Why is this?

Pretend you’re an investor or maybe you’re already an investor. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to copper bullion, coins, rounds, etc? I bet you didn’t even think about it. Often times, copper is looked at as another commodity like soybeans & sugar. This is not considered an everyday investment. Why it’s the right time to Invest In Coins – Affordable Copper To Gold And Silver.

Why Invest In Copper?

What makes copper a good investment opportunity? Copper has unlimited number of uses & benefits for various applications from homes, vehicles, & industries. The extreme demand for copper makes this metal scarce turning it into a valuable investment commodity.

Copper bullion is more affordable than gold and silver plus the copper demand makes it readily accessible. That’s why copper provides an easy opportunity for investors and a valuable one. The appreciation of copper prices are predicted to increase over time due to the high demand of copper and the limited supply. At the same time the decrease in value of paper money will only increase the value of copper thus making it a great investment.

As the value of paper currency continues to decrease… The door for investors will open to invest in safer investments like copper, gold, and silver.

Copper is a commodity we take for granted. The demand for copper continues to grow at an increasing rate year after year.

Do you know why copper is in high demand? If you said because our standards of living have increased & our life styles have changed, then you’re absolutely right. We’re using copper more & more year after year. This kind of demand has led to a shrinking supply of copper creating long term continuous growth for investors.

The value of copper is expected to increase over the next 10 years. Investors who take advantage of this will position themselves to benefit from this copper rally. Long term predictions of copper is expected to surpass the value of silver.

The Type of Copper Bullion To Buy?

Before we get into the types of copper to buy. Where can you go to buy copper bullion & coins? One of the popular dealers is Buy Copper bullion online now direct from the mint. They have a great selection of copper to choose from.

Copper investment options include:

  • Copper Coins – Available in various sizes such as ¼-oz, ½-oz and 1-oz sizes. copper coins & rounds are an affordable way to invest. Copper coins are great for bartering.
  • Copper Bars – Available at lower premiums than copper coins. Bars come in a variety of sizes. Ranging from 1-oz to 10 kilos. Copper bars are ideal for investors who are interested in making large investments.
  • Pre-1982 U.S. Pennies – Prior to 1982, United States pennies contained 90% copper. At the present time, the value of these pennies is approximately 2.5 cents each. So if you’re ready to make some money, start saving any pre-1982 U.S. Pennies as the value will continue to rise over time.

The Gold, Silver, Copper Coin Comparison

Which one should you invest in? The value of gold, silver, & copper is always fluctuating depending on inflation.


The decision to invest in coins is wise because it gives investors the ability to diversify their portfolios. At the same time providing a security blanket over stock investments.

Investing in Precious Metals… The Pros & Cons

Gold and other hard metals have pros & cons when it comes to investing. Here’s what you need to know.


  • Gold tends to go up in value when other investments decline.
  • Gold, silver, & copper provides diversification within a portfolio
  • Precious metal investing is a great way to counter inflation.
  • No need to make capital gains tax until you sell.
  • You can stock up on gold, silver, & copper as much as you like without having to disclose your investments
  • Use gold & silver to buy & sell especially when paper money is no longer valuable or there is a massive devaluation.


  • Gold, silver, & copper tend to disappear or stolen quite often if not careful. Best to keep in a safe.
  • Investing in precious metals doesn’t earn dividends or interest like stocks or bonds.
  • The value of gold, silver, copper can fluctuate & take time to increase depending on market & inflation.

When is the Best Time to Invest in Copper Bullion?

When should you invest in copper bullion? The simplest way is to watch the value of the U. S Dollar. If the dollar is strong then copper prices will fall making it a good time to invest. When the dollar value is weak then copper prices will rise making it a good time to sell your copper bullion. When it comes right down to it you can determine whether to invest in copper simply by watching the strength of the U. S Dollar.

As indicated before you want to keep an eye on copper bullion. Don’t overlook this opportunity as the price of copper is predicted to increase over the next 10 years. As a commodity, copper bullion makes for a wise investment to get the copper benefits of future gains.

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Final Remarks

As you can see, Copper Bullion offers an affordable investment.  Copper investments make for an attractive option. The key tip to any investing is buy low & sell high if you want to earn a return on your investment.

Hopefully this has given you a better perspective when it comes to the affordability of copper, gold, and silver. If you were to invest, would you choose to invest in Copper Bullion, Gold, or Silver?

Please post your comments or questions below for a follow up response. Thanks for your time & interest.


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  • Very informative… you are absolutely correct when it comes to copper. You hear ads for bith gold and silver, but never copper. Personally I am not in a position to invest in anything, let alone copper, but I would certainly consider it to be more stable than either silver or gold.

    • You’re right on Ted about most of the ads promoting gold & silver but not much for copper. What people don’t know is that copper bullion is expected to surpass the value of silver over time. That’s why it would be smart for any investor to buy copper bullion now before the prices continue to go up year after year.

      Thank you so much for your comment & interest.

  • I use to collect coins and haven’t looked at them recently but after reading this article I’m thinking I better. It was very interesting to read. Thank you for the knowledge.

    • A lot of people collect & invest coins. Not just any coin but precious metals like gold & silver. Copper is one of those metals that’s resilient in a lot of ways. You can’t go wrong with investing in copper bullion being it’s affordable. Predictions indicate the value of copper bullion to increase steadily over the next 10 years. If you want to earn then invest in copper now before prices rise. Now if you can afford to invest in gold & silver then by all means do so to help balance your portfolio.

      Thanks for your interest.

  • You know years ago I used to collect gold and silver. I gave it up a long time ago, well because of a divorce actually. But it is a great way to invest. It is still a good option to purchase, stash away in the safe and wait for the value to increase?

    • You’re absolutely right Matt. Copper or any precious metal investing is the best way to counteract against depreciation in stock value. It’s never to late to start again & actually it’s a great time to invest in copper especially for it’s reasonable price & the value it’s predicted to increase consistently over the next 10 years.

  • Copper. Somehow overlooked. Now, thanks to you I am wiser about what to invest. Especially initially when having low budget.

    I am now building my wealth. And when I can afford it, I will definitely look at copper. Should I buy copper or just the futures, like what other people do in Gold Futures investments?

    • You can’t go wrong with investing in copper, gold, or silver, or other precious metals. Copper is great to invest in especially if you’re a newbie when it comes to investing. One reason being it’s one of the most reasonable investments you can make that’s predicted to rise in value. Besides stocks, any type of investment in precious metals diversify & help to balance your portfolio.

  • You are spot on and copper is in great demand as our standard of living continues to rise.

    Living in the USA is great!

    Personally, this is eye opening for me as I have never looked upon copper as an investment. I guess I have just been too involved as a copper consumer.

    Do you know how the values of copper have looked over the last 20-30 years?

    • For sure Don! Copper demand continues to increases year after year as our standard of living rises.

      This increase in copper demand makes copper a solid investment. The value of copper is predicted to surpass the value of silver over the next 10 years so this is definitely a great time to invest while the copper prices remain reasonable.

      To answer your question. Check out this Copper Historical Value Data Chart. This data chart shows the value of copper over the past 45 years.

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