kitchenaid 6 QT Mixer – Professional 600 Series KP26M1XCE – Lift Stand – Copper Pearl

Your Kitchen Mixer Needs Attention!

How well does your kitchen mixer perform?  Is it getting slower than a turtle?  Does it sound like it could die any second?  Is it starting to give off a smell like the motor is ready to burn out? If it’s not doing it’s job it once was… Then it’s time to upgrade.

To get right to the point.  Here’s a mixer that’s selling like hot cakes!  Customers love the: Kitchenaid 6 QT Mixer – Professional 600 Series KP26M1XCE – Lift Stand – Copper Pearl.

Product Information

Product:  KitchenAid KP26M1XCE 6 Qt. Professional 600 Series Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer

  • 6-quart stainless-steel mixing bowl; direct-drive transmission
  • All-metal 10-speed stand mixer with powerful 575-watt motor
  • Electronic speed sensor; auto shut-off; Soft Start minimizes splatter
  • Wire whip, burnished flat beater, spiral dough hook, and pouring shield included
  • Measurements H: 16.5, W:11.3, D:14.6

Star Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Product Description

The Professional 600 Series TM has a powerful motor that’s crafted for commercial-style performance, the direct drive, all-steel gear transmission delivers unyielding power for professional results.

The mixer can effectively mix up to 14 cups of all-purpose flour & produce up to 8 pounds of mashed potatoes.

The Soft Start mixing feature helps to minimize ingredient splatter and flour puff with gentle acceleration. Electronic Speed Sensor monitors precise mixer speed.

Commercial-style motor protection automatically shuts off the mixer when overload is sensed to protect the motor. Durable all-steel gears provide reliable service.

The mixer includes a 6-quart-capacity stainless-steel mixing bowl with a contoured handle, as well as a professional wire whip, a burnished flat beater, a spiral dough hook, and a one piece pouring shield.

Its multipurpose attachment hub with a hinged hub cover flips open to for easy installation of attachments.

The Professional 600 Series bowl-stand lift design raises the bowl into the mixing position, and its solid, truly seamless one-piece motor head design is easy to clean and comes in a variety of fashionable colors.

Professional 600 Series for Professional Results

Power Knead Spiral Dough Hook, Burnished metal flat beater, & 6-wire whisk will help mix, knead and whip ingredients into culinary masterpieces quickly and easily. And for more versatility, the power hub fits optional attachments from pasta makers to food grinders and more.

How Does it Rank?

The Kitchen Aid 600 Series Mixer ranks among the best.  The rank at the time of this posting rated 4.4 out of 5 stars.

With high ranks like this… You know it’s a quality product.  It shows with the positive reviews from thousands of satisfied customers.

Final Remarks

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Comments 4

  • Hi Daniel,
    Really liked your review, I did not know that this mixer can do up to 8 pounds of mashed potatoes! That is really usefull!
    I see that this is a mixer that can take care of a large family! Is this the largest mixer available for the home?
    Would like to know!

    • Hi Orion,

      Thank you for your comment.  It’s one of the better mixers you will find on the market.  Customers love this mixer & thus have nothing but positive reviews.

      To answer your question.  There are larger mixers for commercial use but the capacity of this mixer is more than adequate for residential use.

  • Fascinating review about this Kitchenaid Mixer. I am familiar with the brand, but they tend to have so many variations it gets confusing at one point. Thank goodness for articles like yours. I like how this particular model has many features, especially a powerful motor – which is key to making good bread. Checking out the link now. I might just get this one!

    • Thank you so much!  I appreciate your comment.

      This KitchenAid Mixer is a favorite among customers.  It’s a Best Seller when it comes to mixers. If you decide to get one… You can be sure you made the right decision.

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