Pros & Cons Of A Copper Kitchen Sink

Benefits Of A Copper Kitchen Sink

We all know everything has its benefits. Copper is no exception.  Knowing the benefits of a Copper Kitchen Sink or any product prior to purchasing makes for a wise investment.

Here’s something you might want to consider.  It helps to know the “Pros & Cons Of A Copper Kitchen Sink.”

Pros Of A Copper Kitchen Sink

Antibacterial  Copper contains properties which kills 99.99% of bacteria known to cause health issues. Germs die on contact thus avoiding illness & unpleasant orders. How important is having a sink with antibacterial properties? Write us a comment on what you think about this antibacterial benefit when it comes to a copper kitchen sink.

Durable – Copper kitchen sinks are extremely Durable compared to any porcelain or steel made sink. The gauge thickness of copper varies depending on the type of copper sink.

Simple Maintenance – Wash sink with soap & water. Avoid hot utensils & foods with high acidic content to come into contact with a copper kitchen sink. 

Appearance – A copper kitchen sink provides quality, class & elegance to any kitchen. Is look & beauty important to you when buying a kitchen sink? Let us know in the comments section on how important appearance is to you when it comes to buying a kitchen sink.

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Value – Installing a Copper Kitchen Sink  increases & retains a home or restaurant value making it a smart investment. The attraction of buyers allows for the return on investment during resale. How important is value to you? Post your comment if value is important to you & why?


Cons Of A Copper Kitchen Sink

Patina – This is a normal characteristic associated with copper. As the copper ages, the color becomes darker over time giving it a rustic appearance.  Some people like the change due to its natural beauty & others prefer the original copper color. A sealant may be applied to retain the color.  Would you buy this Copper Kitchen Sink with or without patina? How do you feel about patina? Post a comment below & tell us which sink you would purchase & why. 

Price – The price of a copper kitchen sink is higher compared to stainless or porcelain sinks.  The reason for the price difference is due to the quality, design, style, antibacterial properties,  & investment value of copper.  Would you buy a copper kitchen sink no matter the price in order to get the benefits? Let us know.  We love to hear your comments.

Installation – This is a project left up to professional plumbers due to the delicate nature of handling copper kitchen sinks & the precision required to complete the job. Are you a Do-It-Yourself kind of person? Getting some help might not be a bad idea for this type of installation as copper can be somewhat delicate material to work with. If you have a s


tory to tell about installing a copper kitchen sink please let us know in the comments section.

Are Copper Kitchen Sinks Worth The Investment?

Why invest in a copper kitchen sink? The value! It’s one of several benefits we can count on since copper provides the most value for your money. A copper kitchen is a perfect example. The installation adds huge value in the kitchen but at the same time the overall home. This pays off when reselling the house. The return on investment makes for a win win for both the home buyer & the seller. The superior value of copper makes buying a Copper Kitchen Sink a Wise Investment.


Final Remark

Thank you for your interest.  Please post any questions or comments below for a follow up response.

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  • This is amazing! I absolutely love the look of copper, yet had no idea you could actually get it in the form of a sink! I can see this looking two ways…. very classy or very rustic! Of course there’s the casual in between as well. I remodeled an entire two story 4 bedroom home and did all bronze and copper fixtures, door handles, hinges, etc… even the kitchen sink baskets/drain/plugs and faucets were of bronze and copper colors. Absolutely gorgeous and very upscale! Would have LOVED having a copper kitchen sink. Maybe for the future :o). Thanks so much for sharing such great product ideas!

    • You’re very welcome. You’re right, copper no matter if it’s a copper sink is gorgeous & very upscale. As you know, it’s one of those products you can enjoy for a lifetime. Not only does it add immense beauty but at the same time high value – making it a wise investment. Your remodeling project sounds very unique & absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing.

  • Hi Sir Daniel, this is really a nice blog. Actually I never heard of a copper kitchen sink before but reading all the benefits from it in your blog surely makes my eyes glow. And I agree that investing more into copper kitchen will increase your house value when you sell it. I wonder if where we can buy a copper sink though?

    • Hi Jo,

      Yes! You’re right about copper kitchen sinks being a great investment. It’s a great way to increase your homes value. Not only is the investment worth it but the health benefits of copper makes copper sinks ideal for a healthy home as well as adding character, style, & beauty to any home kitchen.

      Being this is an information blog about copper… I would recommend you do a search online to see where you can get copper kitchen sinks for the best price. I hope this helps.

      Good luck & thank you for your comment.

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