Replace Kitchen Faucet – Select Fine Copper

When is the Best Time to Replace Your Kitchen Faucet?

Does your kitchen faucet leak? You took the time & went through the steps to repair but the water still keeps coming no matter what you do. How frustrating! You hire a plumber who fixes the leaky faucet for a hefty average price of $200. A year later you notice another water leak has sprung. Now you’re boiling hot & ready to pull your hair out. What would you do? Would you call your plumber to have them fix the leak on the old faucet or would you replace your kitchen faucet with a brand new one? Tells us what would you do by leaving your comment below.

To help you decide, this article “Replace Kitchen Faucet – Select Fine Copper” offers advice. How to turn off your faucet frustrations completely with these leak proof solutions.

Should You Do It Yourself or Hire a Plumber?

Do you repair or replace? It depends. If you, have an expensive high end faucet worth $500 or more then you be smart to repair it. You can expect a brand name faucet to last you 10 years but if you start having problems at the 8-year mark then it’s probably best to replace it. For a low end faucet that’s constantly breaking down then replacing would be your best option. Once you figure out whether to repair or replace then you can focus on fixing the problem yourself or hiring a professional.

Replacing a kitchen faucet or any faucet can be challenging if you don’t know what you’re doing. Ask yourself this question. Do I have the skill level to complete this project successfully? If not then, hire a professional.

If you’re handy with using tools & know the basics of how faucets work then you should be able to finish the job within a reasonable time frame depending on your skill. With the right parts a plumber can repair a faucet within an hour. Are you willing to pay the price to save time? The price plumbers charge varies depending on where you live. Would you do it yourself or hire a plumber? Let us know what would you do in the comments below.

Do It Yourself Solutions

How does saving money on faucet repairs sound? Get an estimate repair cost by entering your zip code when you click this link: Faucet Repair Calculator

Do you have some basic knowledge on how faucets work? You should consider your skill level before tackling a kitchen faucet or any faucet repair. Your success depends on it! Not sure whether you should do it yourself. To help you with this decision, click: Plumbing Pros for some professional advice.

Basic Steps to Remove an Old Faucet

No matter the type of faucet, follow these basic steps on how to remove a faucet.

Step 1: Shut off the water supply to the faucet using valves located under the sink.

Step 2: Remove the supply lines located under the sink.

Step 3: Remove the old faucet.

Step 4: Clean up & remove old caulk around the sink.

Basic Steps to Install a New Faucet

Step 1: Read manufacturer’s instructions on how to apply the faucet gasket.

Step 2: Read manufacturer’s instructions on whether to use an


Step 3: Use the center of the drain to line up the new faucet to the sink.

Step 4: Check spacing between wall & back splashes for faucet handles.

Step 5: Attach flange underneath the sink by following instructions.

Step 6: Attach new supply lines.

Step 7: Turn water on, check for water leaks, & tighten any connections if necessary.

If you’re a do-it-yourself kind of person – make sure to follow the

manufacturer’s instructions as each faucet model will vary when it comes to installation.

How to Select a Kitchen Faucet

Which kitchen faucet should you select? It can be difficult & somewhat overwhelming with so many choices. We have narrowed the options to help you make the right decision by focusing on the styles, functions & finishes that best coordinate with your kitchen sink.

We’re going to narrow the options down to copper faucets. These faucets really go well with copper kitchen sinks. Why not make it easy for yourself by selecting a copper theme? The attractive style, design & rustic appearance of copper turns your kitchen into a natural focal point that a lot of people are drawn to.

What To Look For:

Style – Are you looking for a certain style? Copper faucets come in various styles. If you, want your kitchen to have a more distinctive style then select a copper faucet. Style is your personal preference. How important is style when it comes to selecting a kitchen faucet? Let us know in the comments below.

Functions – What functions do you want out of your faucet?  This is an important decision you should focus on. After all you want your faucet to meet your kitchen needs & will last for years. Copper kitchen faucets come with various functions such as pull out faucet with sprayer, swivel spout rotating nozzle, & pull down faucet with 360 degree magnetic sprayer.

Finishes – What finish to you prefer? It helps to select a drain with the same finish as your faucet. By doing this you will have a more pleasing aesthetic look. Types of finishes most purchased are Oil Rubbed Bronze, Antique Copper or Polished Copper finishes.

Important Kitchen Faucet Decisions

The decision to repair, replace & which kitchen faucet to select is not an easy one. Hopefully, this information will make it easier & help you with these important decisions.

Final Remarks

Thank you for reading.  Please post any questions or comments below for a follow up response.

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  • Hi Daniel, Thanks for the great info. You saved me a lot of time here. I went through you faucet repair calculator and worked out my costing. Saved me a few $$. I liked the Oil Rubbed Bronzed pull out faucet. I thought these only came in stainless steel. Nice. Your steps will make it easier for me when I change my faucets next week.

    Cheers John

    • Hi John,

      I’m glad you found this information helpful & most important I’m glad you were able to save some money via the faucet repair calculator.

      Thank you so much for your comment & enjoy your brand new faucets!



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